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PUMA Life: influencers and content for social media

PUMA Life: influencers and content for social media

Many companies ask themselves the same question: What should the content for social media look like? Is it still enough to plan shoots with professional models and locations? Is this the content that appeals to the young generations?

This question is perfectly justified for a sporting goods or sneaker manufacturer like PUMA that operates internationally. With sports giants and fashion empires as competitors, you have to stay on the ball. But what does this look like in the field of motorsport? When I started my work in Herzogenaurach, at the headquarters, there was no Instagram account. When the plan for the launch was ready, the topic of content was probably one of the most important ones. With the target audience in racing and less pronounced in the sneaker community, the balance between the two worlds had to be found.

Said and done. We found the face for our Scuderia Ferrari collection with the Instagram influencer Alessandro Magni.

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At the Adria International Raceway, in Veneto, the influencer shoot with Ale took place at the same time as the official seasonal photo shoot. We were able to do justice to both target groups. Thanks to the racetrack as a backdrop, we were able to stage the PUMA Motorsport collections of our partners. Alessandro went behind the scenes, showed his fans the current Scuderia Ferrari collection and thus also helped us to increase our number of followers.

In the coming years, we increased the influencer marketing more and more. In addition to the six-monthly shootings, a large number of influencers came to every event or product launch, whose task was to produce photos and videos for Instagram.

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If my customers ask me how I feel about influencers, my opinion is solid: For the production of content, especially for social media, it makes sense, depending on the company, to conduct targeted influencer marketing. Why? Because it produces a variety of visuals, communicates the brand and strengthens the reach. However, if the goal is to increase sales, smaller, non-celebrity influencers rarely lead to success. If you are aware of this and you only want to increase awareness and produce high-quality content at low cost, influencers are a suitable tool for any industry.

I have built a pool of influencers at PUMA. I almost entirely refrained from working with agencies. Why? When we were satisfied with the content, it was important for me to have a personal connection with the Instagram stars, to work with them in the long term. I am not a fan of “one-offs” and believe that only long-term partnerships and personal communication are really effective or lead to loyal fans of the brand. An agency that acts as an intermediary between the brand and the influencer is often counterproductive.

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