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Ford Performance Days

Ford Performance Days

4,2 kilometers, 19 turns, 44 ups and downs – the Bilster Berg is a lot of fun! Last week I was able to participate in the Ford Performance Days and was very excited. For the first time I was sitting behind the wheel on a racetrack. Here is your chance to read how it turned out for me and what I experienced.


About 80 participants joined the Ford Performance Days at Bilster Berg from August 3rd until 4th. On Thursday evening the program started with an introduction of the company and its performance cars continued by an American BBQ. Friday morning it was time to hit the track to test the Ford Mustang and the Ford Focus RS.

The Mustang has 421 PS and an exhilaration time of 4,8 seconds. The Focus RS excites with a 350 PS ecoboost engine, four-wheel drive and reaches 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds. At this point I already have to admit that I’m a huge RS fan. I did my first couple of laps in that car and loved it. It’s not only sticking to the track in the corners but also offers a great fun factor. From the “Mausefalle” up to the chicane – my favorite part – with Traudl Klink in front of me, yelling “Attack” enthusiastically reaching the long straight part. With her 62 years she is a really incredible woman in motorsport!


Next to the professional safety training an engaging speech of extreme athlete and musician Joey Kelly as well as a nice program including a helicopter flight, that showed us the racetrack from the air, were part of the day.


I was also able to get a taste of more motorsport air on the handling parkour, at the reaction training as well as at the lead driving on the track. The highlight was nobody less than Traudl Klink, who made sure that we had a lot of fun.

I can only recommend participating in the Ford Performance Days. Everyone who always wanted to be part of a professional driving experience with cool cars should join. I have to admit that I was especially nervous for the parkour training but already after a short time I was able to improve my lap times and had a lot of fun enjoying the slippery parts (oversteer exercise) with the Mustang.

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FORD Mustang GT

Horsepower: 310 kW (421 PS)

Engine: 5.0 L TWCT V8

Exhileration: 4,8 at 0-100 km/h (s)

Max. speed: 250 km/h

Fazit: Iconic. Recognizeable. Classic.



Horsepower: 257 kW (350 PS)

Engine: 2,3-l-EcoBoost

Exhileration: 4,7 at 0-100 km/h (s)

Max. speed: 268 km/h

Feedback: Powerful. Sportive. Fun.


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