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Style & Race was created out of passion and profession in the motorsport. Already at a young age I was excited about the race sport but my own experiences lead to knowing how to introduce myself to this world.

My life | my passion 

Why you should work with me? Because I feel at home at Europe’s race tracks and use every chance to learn more about this industry.


  • 2010 one year in the USA, High School Diploma
  • 2012 graduating from the Handelsakademie Wels
  • 2015 Bachelor Media and Communication, University Passau
    specialization in PR and economics
  • 2016 Master Sport Management, Johan Cruyff Institute Barcelona
  • 2018-2020 Journalism (Sports and Motorsport)
  • 2019 Employer Branding


  • 2016 Sport Sponsorship Certificate,  University of Barcelona
  • 2016 Journalism Certificate, Michigan State University
  • 2016 Search Engine Optimization Certificate, University of California, Davis
  • 2016 Viral Marketing, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2016 Strategic Self-Marketing and Branding, State University of New York


Shooting (36 von 49)


If you have further questions please contact me via

Katrin Fritzenwallner

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