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Power woman Marylin Niederhauser

Power woman Marylin Niederhauser

13177045_889388967856076_7450714104089636627_nWe’ve been talking about it for a while but now it’s official! Style & Race has a new member – the race driver from Switzerland Marylin Niederhauser!

Already since 2015 Marylin is competing in the ADAC Formula 4. She is one of only four women in the championship and will be working towards new projects with the Austrian Team Lechner Racing in the future. She competed with Rennsport Rössler in the current season. What goals she is working towards in motorsport at the moment will be kept a secret for now 🙂

But on you will of course get the latest news!




Name: Marylin Niederhauser

Date of birth: 08.08.1995

Nationality: Switzerland

Experience: in motorsport since 2010, rental kart race in Switzerland, Swissauto 250 Cup, ADAC Formel 4

I’m really looking forward to a successful collaboration!


Credits: Marylin Niederhauser, Photo Frank

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