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Racing Virus vs. Corona Virus

Racing Virus vs. Corona Virus

Under normal circumstances, I’d be celebrating – celebrating being able to work with some amazing new clients in the sport I love. However, due to the Corona Virus, more than 20 racing events on four and two wheels have already been cancelled or postponed, probably more to come.

While COVID-19 doesn’t allow teams and drivers to perform on track, what remains is the passion for the race virus, something that’s more powerful and dominant than any other virus could possibly be.

So while some still think this is all a joke and something to laugh about, it’s a very real health crisis, something that puts all sport, cultural and social events on hold.
But that’s the essential part: it’s just on hold.

So I can’t wait to get back on track, work in the industry I love the most and enjoy the relentless team spirit, horsepower and passion for roaring engines.

I hope the 2020 motorsport season will be on soon so that I can share more about upcoming projects, great teams and new challenges.