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Driver Talk with Mirko Bortolotti

Driver Talk with Mirko Bortolotti

Mirko Bortolotti leads the Blancpain GT Series championship at the moment. Together with his team mate, Christian Engelhart, the Austro-Italian got 138 points so far. That leaves a gap of 22 counts to the driver behind them. Style & Race met the Lamborghini Factory Driver at Nürburgring, where the last two rounds of the Sprint Cup were held, before it’s time for the final round in Barcelona.


Mirko, the next race weekend is the final one in the Cup. Does the team and you have a special strategy to claim the victory?

I wouldn’t say that we have a special strategy. You can’t plan ahead in the Blancpain GT series, the performance level of the drivers and teams is extremely high. We can only concentrate on ourselves and try to get the maximum out of the package. We’ll do our best to make as little mistakes and to get as many points as possible, that’s what’s most important.


You are competing in the Sprint and Endurance cup. In which category do you feel more comfortable?

I feel very comfortable in both of them. In the sprint races it’s more aggressive and less tactical. You have less time to get to the front. In the endurance ones you can’t win a race in the first corner, you have a longer distance to improve positions. In the past couple of years I was more active in endurance races and also very successful. That’s why I’m a big fan! The combination of both categories in one championship like the Blancpain GT Series is fascinating and exciting. The mix is what makes it interesting!


Next to the Blancpain GT Series you are also competing in the ADAC GT Masters. What’s the biggest difference for you and what potential do you see in both of the events?

The ADAC GT Masters is a very important championship for us and Lamborghini in general because the German market is widely focused on in the automobile industry. I’m glad to be able to race full time in the GT Masters as well. It’s clear that we are talking about two top GT events! Borth series are compareable when it comes to the level of performance. Many drivers and teams participate in the ADAC GT Masters as well as the Blancpain GT Series. The main difference is probably the tire heating. In the Blancpain we can work with the heating management but not in the GT Masters. Besides that, the BoP is also a bit different which can lead to a couple of surprises.



At the beginning you were mostly seen in single seaters for Formula 1 teams such as Ferrari, Toro Rosso, Williams F1 and Red Bull. Now you feel at home in the touring and sport cars. Where do you feel more comfortable? Will there be a comeback in a formula car?

Never say never. For years I was competing in the formula sport and was able to claim a couple of titles. I had luck in collecting a lot of experience in different car types and that’s what I’m benefiting from in the GT sport now. In general I’m fulling concentrating on and working with Lamborghini but wouldn’t say that I’ll never have a comeback if there should be a parallel between the two.


Where do you see your future in racing? Is there a race you’d really like to compete in?

At the moment I see my future with Lamborghini because I have a long term contract with the factory. I’m very satisfied and feel comfortable because our plans match. I’m happy and motivated to share a path with Lamborghini.

A race that I haven’t competed in before and I’d really like to start in is the 24h of Le Mans. The IMSA series in the US is also really fascinating I could definitely imagine driving in.

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