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Joey Mawson – reaching for the next win in Formula 4

Joey Mawson – reaching for the next win in Formula 4

With two race weekends to go Joey Mawson is still the leader in the Formula 4 championship. The Van Amersfoort Racing driver is with 297 points infront of Mick Schumacher (251 points) and Mike-David Ortmann (180 points). Style & Race was able to meet Joey at Nürburgring to talk with him about his future.


Obviously your biggest opponent is Mick Schumacher. Who else do you think is strong on the grid?

Basically the top 5 are really strong. They are all P2-4 drivers Schramm from US and Ortmann are really good as well as Mick’s team mates at Prema.


Are some of you friends? Or are there particular drivers you hang out more with than others?

In business or sport you always have drivers you get along with better than others but for example with Mick I have a really good relationship off track. We are friends but on track of course we have to win for our team and ourselves. There is no more friendship on the track.


There are drivers that have rituals before a race. How do you get ready befor getting in your car?

I always make sure I warm up and just in general to get my body ready. But then I really try to calm myself, listen to music that really slows down my heartrate and then get in the car and drive.


What does an average day look like in your life, when you are not at a race?

It starts with training in the morning at the gym, I’m spending the day at the workshop either to do a debrief or work with the team.


What’s the goal for next season?

Ideally Formula 3 would be really good for us but that’s still next year and we have to enjoy this year and every moment of it.


What is your goal in motorsport in general?

To become a professional racing driver and to get paid to do my passion.


What series would you like to compete in?

I like DTM and of course like every kid I like Formula 1. But realistically DTM and also to be a factory GT driver would be really nice. A lot of young kids are doing that nowadays but for the future I’d also enjoy driving in WEC. It’s a really cool series.


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