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Women in Motorsport: Emma Walsh

Women in Motorsport: Emma Walsh

Miss Emma Walsh. You haven’t heard the name before? Well, let me tell you that you are missing out on a real power woman. Model, Singer, YouTuber, Influencer, Presenter and Travel Formula E Radio host. The South African born blonde just competed in the Mini Challenge at Brands Hatch, not only racing but also filming the entire weekend for her followers. Style & Race had the pleasure of interviewing Emma.


Have you always been a car lover?

Ever since I can remember, If I saw a nice car I liked, I immediately wanted to get behind the wheel. No passenger seat for me J


You are a well-known Car- and Lifestyle Influencer on Instagram. When did you start out on Instagram and what’s your favorite part of being an Influencer?

I started YouTube just over 2 years ago and was on and off for a while, now full time. I started Instagram as a personal account maybe 5 years ago, then turned it into a business similar time to YouTube. I love traveling the world with my job and I’m very grateful for the experiences I’m able to do through being an influencer.



You started your Vlog about two years ago. What are your personal highlights?

Personal highlight, getting to race on track in a race car! Interviewing Sebastian Vettel at the F1 and shooting my own music video in my home town.


You have your race license since 2016. How did you get started in motorsport?

It was always something on my bucket list to get my racing license even though I had no idea what I’d do with it. 2 years later I’m doing my first race with Mini in the Mini Challenge. Who knows where that will lead.



What do you think about women in motorsport? Do you believe they can be as successful as guys? What’s important right now for girls wanting to be a race driver? Does Instagram and Social Media play a role as well?

I think you can be whatever you want if you work hard enough. Sure there is talent involved here and there but everything is worth working for if it’s what you want. Girls certainly have more to prove in Motorsport but that’s just what it is. I try not to let that bother me too much and just go at my own pace. Personally for me I got noticed thanks to my social media accounts and therefore got very lucky.



What’s your dream car and why?

I can never choose! Maybe a LaFerrari. It’ll be something different next week haha.


Are you a fan of a particular race series?

I’m a big F1 fan and I like to watch the Indycar series.


You are part of the Travel Formula E Radio. What do you like most about it and how do you see the future of Formula E?

I think Formula E is better each season. I love the Gen2 car, it looks incredible and I can’t wait to see what the next season brings with all the new changes.


You’ve done quite a lot of race experiences on track. What do you like most about racing and what’s your favorite racetrack?

I love to challenge myself and improve my track skills. So the more often I’m on track and getting seat time, the more confident I become. It’s a good feeling to achieve something that is completely out of your comfort zone. I recently drove The Red Bull Ring in the M4 GT4 in Austria and I really liked the track.


What’s your personal dream in motorsport?

I’ve never really thought that one through. I think it’s a personal challenge and I wanted to get more of an understanding of what it’s like to race and be involved. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky so for now I’m just enjoying the journey and the experiences.



As some of your fans might not know, you are a successful business woman and were active in various business areas until you decided to go for a path in the Automotive area/influencer field. What’s your goal?

TV would be my end goal. I miss performing a lot, but for now I’m enjoying the presenting side of things on my channel and for various brands.


For all of the girls who would like to get a career in motorsport – what is your advice?

Work hard and don’t let anybody hold you back. Have courage and be kind.