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Driver talk with Norbert Siedler

Driver talk with Norbert Siedler

Style & Race invited the Austrian GT driver Norbert Siedler to an interview. He told us how his career in motorsport took off, what he is hoping for in the season of 2017 and how he rates the chances in ADAC GT Masters for HB Racing.



How did your career in motorsport start?
My Dad, who used to be a mechanic for Gerhard Berger, bought a Go Kart to have fun with his friends. Already at the first time I was quicker than everyone else. He stayed a mechanic and I was able to have fun. At the age of 9 I started my racing career! A huge thank you belongs to my Dad for this amazing time!

What does it mean to you to be a professional race driver?
There is nothing more beautiful than to turn a hobby into a career! I’m very thankful to everyone who made it possible for me to become a race driver.

You have a young daughter. Do you think that she will also be a Motorsport fan or maybe even wants to drive herself one day? 
Leni shall have the opportunity to do whatever she likes, as long as it doesn’t include motorsport in any form.


Norbert, you found your home in the GT Sport. Did you want to stay in the Formula sport at one point? In the Formula sport you need an even higher budget to reach the world champion class. This is why I’m happy that I switched to GT.

In 2017 you are competing in the Blancpain Series as well as the ADAC GT Masters. Which one do you see as a bigger challenge? 
Both series are extremely challenging and every detail has to be perfect to be in the front of the field.

With more than 20 races your schedule is pretty tight. Do you still know something like “stage fright”? Of course I’m still nervous, but nowadays I enter a race rather relaxed.

Just like last year, you are joining HB Racing for the ADAC GT Masters season 2017. How do you rate your potential? 
We can’t rest on the fourth place of Oschersleben. The potential, to have Top 5 positions, is definitely there!

You are sharing the start number 7 with Lamborghini factory driver Marco Mapelli. Do you think you can still learn one or two things from him when it comes to the handling of the Lamborghini?
We complement each other very well! It’s of course always great to have a Lamborghini driver on board. Marco was definitely on top of our list.

The series developed very well and has a strong driver line-up. How do you see your chances in the Lamborghini? 
Our car is good and has everything to compete in the front field. The rest depends on the BOP.

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